We are energy! What is blocking us from reaching our true potential? Maybe just „fuel quality”. An airplane can’t run at its full capacity on petrol 98, it needs kerosene, nothing but another kind of fuel!

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We are energy! What is blocking us from reaching our true potential? Maybe just „fuel quality”. An airplane can’t run at its full capacity on petrol 98, it needs kerosene, nothing but another kind of fuel!

Just a rough sketch of the main ideas for later!

We are energy! What is blocking us from reaching our true potential? Maybe just „fuel quality”.

An airplane can’t run at its full capacity on 98 gasoline, it needs kerosene, nothing but another kind of fuel!

Just a rough sketch of the main ideas for later.

We are energy in all its forms so why can’t we access it to „feed” ourselves with good energy!!!
But what if there has always been a solution?!

We are energy! What blocks us from reaching our true potential? Maybe just the „quality” of the fuel. An airplane can’t run at full capacity on 98 gasoline, it needs kerosene, nothing but a different kind of fuel, a different kind of gasoline, a „superior” gasoline.



You can only really know something, anything, strictly to the extent that you can recognize it.
Somehow I learned this truth some time ago. I can’t say a long time ago because, in my opinion, this concept called time doesn’t really fit as a unit of measurement with the far too limited scale of the „subjective” much or little.

But what if this deep, true knowledge is about access to the „collective or universal mind” to be able to be recognized somewhere deeper in the human being than where as the first mental level of understanding of „reality” the „mind”, the brain, functions?
I think it is a possibility.

We are energy.
We are vibration, electricity and electromagnetism.

The human body is balanced by the energy system of the 7 main chakras and countless others that birth, compose and govern us. These chakras are nothing more than energy vortices, energy meridians, electricity, energy in a word. Someone said that these chakras are actually black holes and energy is born at their vibrational edge…

Is it just a coincidence that the geniuses in human genome research have failed to produce the miracle of life in a test tube?!

Despite the fact that the fertilized cell was „fed” with absolutely all the nourishment the mother’s body could provide, cell division invariably stopped at 80 multiplication. Nothing is intruding into existence. It acquired no spirit for being.

What was missing?!
Luckily for us, these „geniuses” didn’t find out.

What kind of „food” can still be found in the human body, food that regardless of the sex of the bearer of the pregnancy, because they „gave birth” and men more recently, to be able to give birth to lives with all that this life means?

With what kind of energy can we „feed” this vehicle that is for our consciousness the material human body?

We have, I believe, some locks so deeply encrypted in our DNA that we are „condemned” to remain walled up in this three-dimensional universe forever. Recent research has revealed that the universe has 11 dimensions. Studies have shown with our present powers that if the Universe had not 11 dimensions but fewer, it would collapse, it would not physically sustain itself as an existence.

I don’t know if this is the order, but I think one of the reasons is the instinct of conservation, of perpetuation of the species – the sexual instinct. Another one I think must be hunger. The terribly instinctive need to eat, to feed ourselves and I also think that a lackey is our biological clock set to start biological degradation from birth.

Do we really not have the right „keys” to these locks left hidden inside us?!

What prevents us from accessing them, unlocking the locks and setting off on the path that could lead us to discover our full potential?

In order for a vehicle, and here we can consider the human body a vehicle of consciousness, to be upgraded, we should first of all work on the engine so that later we can adapt the body of the vehicle to the new performances and requirements of the engine, right?!

Now it is common sense to understand that we can’t take the „engine”, the brain, out of the body to tinker with it and make it perform better, and then simply put it back in and wait to see where we can go with the new configuration.

Our luck and chance is that our „engine” has already come from the „factory” equipped with absolutely amazing configurations, only that they are coded, locked, blocked by its creators with seemingly unsolvable barriers.

Maybe we are only missing the keys to decode these locks and maybe the fuel quality is among these keys.

98% junk DNA?!!!…
10% we use of brain capacity…
At least that’s what the honored „researchers” tell us.
21 g less we weigh at „death” regardless of race, age, weight etc…

21 grams of soul energy, spirit, consciousness, let’s be real. Should these 21 grams be trapped in the pounds that define our physical being in this reality?

The question is: Doesn’t the residual energy level limitations of solid, liquid, etc. food that we are conditioned to „feed” ourselves with now at humanity’s current level of consciousness, do nothing but keep us bound to the material, low vibration, of these 98% and 10%, thus conditioning us to remain in the 2 and 10%.
Doesn’t this solid food, biological as material because pure energy is also biological, prevent us from accessing the remaining 98 and 90% of our capacities?
Isn’t this the trap?

If we solve this fuel problem and raise ourselves to a higher vibrational level, especially spiritual, then do we need to fear this great scare called Artificial Intelligence AI?

I believe that AI, artificial intelligence will no longer be a problem for humanity…

The huge technological progress of human society in the last 50/100 years cannot be explained, in my opinion, by a growth, by a natural development of the human creative instinct, especially as this technological leap has not been matched or accompanied at least by a qualitative growth, by an evolution of human spirituality.

I also believe that there are beings – human or not, it remains to be seen – who have already solved for some time the problem of „feeding” this engine of the human body called brain and because they have no reason to fear this artificial intelligence they have served it on the tray of humanity to be of use only to them.

0.7 volts has a human cell. It’s like no other being on earth has an electrical charge, right?!

For all the cells in our body, we generate millions of volts every minute. Great battery, huh? I wonder who uses it?! We don’t seem to.

Nice and useful trap.

We eat and feed our biological body with solid, biological matter.
Our body ingests it, processes it and serves it to the human organism in order to function.

But what kind of „quality” does this energy have?!
Isn’t it just a waste energy, a residual energy resulting from the processing of biological mass and therefore an energy of poor quality?!

Doesn’t this weak, residual energy limit and condition us to stay within these biological limits of 98 and 10 percent and does not allow us to consciously access the full 21 grams?

There is good energy and there is bad energy.
Well if you turn on the TV and the plug has 220 volts AC it works just fine within the limits the manufacturer has set.
But if you power the TV to 220 volts DC it may not turn on at all at best, unless it smokes and burns out.

Are we as biological organisms but with chakras and energy meridians, with a whole electrical body, with an electrical charge on each cell, not similar to a TV or a computer in terms of the good or bad energy we can or can reach our true potential?

For us as humans there is no good energy and useless energy?

You can only really know something, anything, strictly to the extent that you can recognize it. Again and again…

Why can’t we get into, but also on the frequency, on the wavelength of the universal energy of the chakras of our electric body, of the meridians that compose us in order to be able to „feed”, to nourish ourselves with that type of energy infinitely superior to the residual energy resulting from the body’s processing of the biological mass we ingest?

There is a big problem here too.

If you are not mentally, vibrationally, energetically prepared for this it is not dangerous but extremely risky and dangerous!

Now…. This is obviously a theory of mine and nothing more but if I thought it up it means that somewhere something, anything, is possible, probably achievable.

And if it is nothing of the sort, then at least it is a topic for thought and why not research.

You can only really know something, anything, strictly to the extent that you can recognize it.

I have enough experiences, „encounters”, experiences, communications perhaps with everything that should not exist in this immediate reality except that all of these have had forms of physical manifestation from time dilations to immediate and effective protection of me at the hands of entities I have fondly called „mine” throughout my existence.


Some time ago I decided to lose – for the wrong reasons – several dozen kilos.
I stayed still for about a month and lost about 25 kg eating only water, cigarettes and coffee.

It was extremely hard.
I succeeded but without being able to put this decision in the right place in me but especially without the right reasons and the right tools I had no energy at all, I was tired and dizzy.
I was afraid, and rightly so, to drive…
Huge attention deficit… I was sleeping a lot and waking up extremely tired.
Even my sweat smelled funny, bad somehow…

At the beginning of 2020, in the spring, somehow managing to harmonize with a different reality, managing to get into a correct frequency with my mind, I was able to go three months without eating anything except water, cigarettes and coffee.

This time the energy levels were extremely high and I managed to do things that I had put off for years as physical work but not only.

Although I was flirting for about 90 days I only lost 17 kg!

Given the mental and physical energy I had and consumed on a daily basis, my only explanation is that I was „feeding” myself from somewhere else, with a different kind of food.

In 30 days I had lost 25 kg years ago by getting something wrong and now in 90 days I have only lost 17 kg?!

Now I was sleeping a little and waking up extremely rested to start again with physical and mental work. During that time I read about 150 books.

Could this be the solution to the 90 and 98 percent that accompanies 21 grams in reality?

Tuning in to other universal energies, resonating with them and „feeding” the body with this good energy be the key?!

You can only really know something, anything, strictly to the extent that you can recognize…

I’ll see.


Florin Chilian 6 May 2021 Bucharest

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